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Access Control

Access control is the management of people, vehicles and goods to and from dedicated access points to your premises, such as gates, doors, etc. This is achieved by means of ...

Armed Response and Guarding

We are able to offer our clients a comprehensive armed response service via our Control Room which is in constant communication with the patrol officers ensuring maximum response to your ...

Alarm Monitoring

We operate an alarm monitoring control room, utilising the most up to date monitoring equipment and software, which is staffed on a 24 hour basis to monitor both residential and ...

Intruder Alarms

We custom design each client’s alarm installation to suit the client’s specific needs and all installations are undertaken solely by a trained installer to ensure that your intruder alarm is ...

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Lakeside Neighbourhood Watch

In our daily communications with clients it has become apparent that there is growing demand amongst the residents o ...

Hijacking of vehicle, Lakeside

At approximately 05h00 in the morning a resident of the Lakeland Complex on the Main Road in Lakeside arrived at the ...