Untitled-1Access control is the management of people, vehicles and goods to and from dedicated access points to your premises, such as gates, doors, etc. This is achieved by means of one or more of the following:


A secure pin code needs to entered onto a touch pad or screen to allow access to a controlled area.


The system makes use of cards or tags that need to be presented to a reader to operate the access point. The card or reader does not need to make direct contact with the reader, but needs to be within proximity of 5cm to 10cm from the reader for access to be granted. These tags or cards can be affixed to key rings and often offers a more convenient and time efficient method of operating the access control reader.


This technology makes use of the body’s unique characteristics such as finger or palm prints (or the retina) to determine authorised access through the use of a biometric reader.


Intercom systems allow you to safely screen visitors to your premises thereby making your premises more secure.

A variety of door speaker or video intercom systems are available to enable you to find a suitable solution to your security needs.


CCTV (closed circuit television) entails the monitoring and/or recording of people or property through the use of cameras and related electronic systems. CCTV cameras are available in either monochrome (black and white) or colour and a basic system comprises of a camera, a video transmission system which sends the video signals from the camera to a recording system such as a digital video recorder (DVR) which sends the signal to a monitor for display.


An electric fence is a deterrent to prevent people or animals from crossing a barrier such as the top of a fence or a residential or commercial perimeter by providing an uncomfortable electric shock when touched. An electric fence serves to keep intruders outside and secure residents inside a defined perimeter and is used as first security barrier to any premises.


Gate automation provides convenience, security and privacy to both residential and commercial clients. With the press of a button you can open your gate without having to struggle with large and heavy gates and with the addition of an intercom system you can control the access of visitors to your premises.