We operate an alarm monitoring control room, utilising the most up to date monitoring Signboard01equipment and software, which is staffed on a 24 hour basis to monitor both residential and commercial clients’ alarms.

Once your alarm has been linked up to our Control Room your alarm will communicate with the Control Room either via a standard Telkom telephone line and/or via an FSK alarm radio usually within seconds.

If an alarm is triggered the Control Room operator on duty will carry out your contact instructions as per the key-holder list you provide on link-up, usually contacting the premises first to determine whether the alarm requires the attendance of armed response or other emergency services should you make use of a linked response service.

Should you wish to only have the premises monitored without a linked response service the operator will notify you of any activation at the premises, providing you with a detailed zone description, to enable you to take the necessary action.

In contacting the client first the operator is able to provide more accurate information to the response service, should they be required, and will help the operator to eliminate the possibility of dispatching the service unnecessarily, which may impact on the ability of the response service to respond to genuine emergencies.

You will be requested by the Control Room operator to provide the password which you selected on link-up which will serve to verify to the operator that you are an authorised resident / occupant of the premises.

A secondary function of the password is to enable you to alert the operator that you are under duress by providing an incorrect password in which instance the operator will immediately dispatch the relevant response service to your premises to assist you.

In addition to the alarm monitoring services, each monitored client further receives a comprehensive 24 hour technical backup, either via telephonic support or on a technician call out basis to attend to any difficulties our clients may experience with their security installations