We are able to offer our clients a comprehensive armed response service via our Control Room which is in constant communication with the patrol officers ensuring maximum response to your activations in minimum time.

All response officers are highly trained individuals and duly registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority of South Africa).

Additional services offered include a rendezvous service for clients arriving home alone or leaving commercial premises late at night, patrol visits and regular patrol checks where clients are away on holiday.

For those clients who do not have an alarm wcss-security-and-carsystem or do not wish to have their alarms monitored an additional call in service is offered where you can request the assistance of our armed response officers by merely contacting our Control Room.

A fully comprehensive guarding service is available to clients providing dedicated guarding services for all types and sizes of both businesses and residences.  We provide carefully recruited and professional guards to protect persons and property as well as customers, inventory and employees.

In addition our guards are in constant 24 hour communication with our Control Room to ensure immediate backup in the event of any emergency