We custom design each client’s alarm installation to suit the client’s specific needs and all installations are undertaken solely by a trained installer to ensure that your intruder alarm is installed to the highest standard.

It is important that you verify with your insurer about the type of alarm that is acceptable to them and whether the specifications meet the requirements of your insurance policy.

  1. Most standard intruder alarm packages include:
  2. A backlit alarm keypad for easy use
  3. Passive infrared detectors to detect intruders
  4. An alarm control box which is usually fitted out of sight
  5. Signboards affixed to the outside of your premises as an added deterrent to intruders
  6. A battery backup in case of power failures

Once the installation of any equipment has been completed the technician will provide any necessary on-site training to ensure that you are familiar with the operation and use of your new equipment.

We recommend that regular maintenance is carried out on your alarm system, at least once every 6 (six) months to ensure that any potential problems are identified and fixed before they occur, ensuring that your system remains in excellent working condition.

We offer several comprehensive maintenance options to our clients, each designed to suit the individual client’s specific needs.